July 2022 Minutes

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July 2022 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Thu Aug 11, 2022 5:14 pm

LBG May Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, July 14th, 2022

Wow. I thought I posted this a long time ago, but didn't. Someone reminded me, so here it is, even though it's really late.

We had this as a combined in-person and Zoom meeting this month. We're missing a little technology yet to be able to simulcast on Youtube, but we might post recordings of the Zoom call in the future.

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing
Presenters: Officers

  • Hoppy Hour at RPG Games - Thursday, August 4th
  • Great Taste of the Midwest -- Saturday, August 13th
  • KC Brew Club Collab - TBD August
  • Hoppy Hour at Servaes - Thursday, September 1st
  • Brewfest XXVI - Same Place as Last Year - Saturday, September 24th
  • Hall of Foamers Club Competition -- TBA in October
  • Haunted Hop-Luck (Area Clubs) - Saturday, October 22nd
  • Holiday party is December 3rd
  • Recent Events
    • Lawrence Public Library How-To-Fest
  • Club Homebrew Competition
    • The Hall of Foamers are sponsoring a homebrew competition at the club level. All area brew clubs are invited to compete.
    • Date TBA -- sometime in October
    • Each club can submit up to three entries
    • The contest will be a single style - IPA (any IPA)
    • Each club/contestant should provide a judge for this event
  • Brewfest 26
    • Time to volunteer!
    • Keg donations are now open
  • LBG Barrel Project
    • Barrel of 2 Monkeys is at Jarrod's house now
    • Sign up for next barrel brew will open this month

  • 65 paid members, so far
  • If you've already renewed, you membership card is ready. If not, remember to renew today
  • Pete Clouston just moved to the City and donated several books that didn't make the move to the new house.

  • Travel and Beer Culture in Germany
  • Jake Jeffers & Dale Wheeler
    • Jake just got back from a trip to Germany and had several slides

  • Lagers
    • New Glarus Totally Naked
    • New Glarus Two Women
    • Alpirsbacher Klosterbrau Kleiner Monch
    • Grevenstein Original
    • Blind Tiger I Like Dark Beer
    • Upcoming Tastings
      • August - Ciders
      • September - TBD
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
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