February 2023 Minutes

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February 2023 Minutes

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LBG January Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. February, January 9th, 2023

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... e1ccc_0_87
Presenters: Officers

Tim, Stacie and Kirk came as friends of a member.
Mike came as a friend of a member as well.

March Hoppy Hour -- Red Lyon -- Thursday, March 2nd
Kansas Craft Brewers Expo - Abe & Jakes - Saturday, March 4th (Tickets went on sale January 29th)
Parkville Microbrew Fest -- Saturday, April 22nd
Maifest Saturday May 6th
American Homebrew Association (AHA) Big Brew Day -- Saturday, May 6th
We (LBG) don't have anything planned for this (yet). Bacchus and Barleycorn are having a brewing event
Pints for Pets 2023 - Saturday, May 20th (New location - 6th & Tennessee)
Aleswest (It''s a relatively new festival in St. Joseph) -- Saturday, June 3rd
Brewfest XXVII - Saturday, October 7, 2023

2023 Events and Projects
Time to start planning for 2023! Some things we might think do if you are interested:
Brewing collaborations -- 2022 was a great year - Maybe more this year?
Five by five walking tour -- it was a lot of fun, and we could do it again. We could change it up a bit if we wanted to as well. Anyone interested?
Club competition -- these are a lot of work, but if there's interest, we could do it again
Bus trip -- haven't done one of these for a while, but they can be a lot of fun
We are looking for destination ideas and designated drivers.
Speak up if you have ideas or comments. Now is the time to get started on these things.
19th Annual Parkville Microbrew Festival
Jake Jeffers is the organizer for LBG
Sign up is full there are no more spots
Must be current with dues paid
LBG Barrel Project
Batch 2 is a Wee Heavy and fermentation is complete
Beer is ready to keg -- We'll work out a time for that.

member voted dues increase takes effect this year. 32paid members so far.
We should be getting a security deposit refund for the holiday party yet
Year End Balance:
Savings: $4,002.51
Checking: $2,718.09
Paypal: $69.21
Cash: $185
Total $6,974.81
Please turn in any reimbursement requests ASAP at: https://bit.ly/LBG2022Expense
Historical beer
Bill Perkins -- Vice President of LBG
A discussion on and in depth look at 5 historical beers, their origins and characteristics. The beers were Gose, Kentucky Common, London Brown Ale, Pre prohibition porter and Washington small beer. In addition Bill is open to suggestions about future seminars for the year.

Chocolate and beer pairing.
Boulevard Chocolate Ale & Dark chocolate covered Toffee
Buffalo Sweat Vanilla Stout & Dark Chocolate
Guinness Extra Stout & Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel
Crooked Stave Sour Rose & Raspberry Dark Chocolate
present members voted number three their favorite pairing of the night.
Todd Esplund, Secretary

Work is the curse of the drinking clases
Oscar Wilde

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