Shout-out to founding member Joe Yoder for his influence on the Interstellar Galactic IPA on tap at Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant!

Here’s the brewery’s description of the beer: This is a big, BIG IPA. Consider yourself warned. A couple years ago, John came across a new hop variety from Australia by the name of Galaxy. He immediately thought of Joe Yoder, a homebrewer he knows with a penchant for brewing hoppy beers. His homebrewery goes by the name of “Interstellar Galactic Brewery.” John invited him and his brew crew over to brew a big batch using only Galaxy hops. They ran their ideas through the HAL 9000 and came up with a recipe for a 500-gallon batch of hoppy goodness. Homebrew-Probrew fusion! Everyone pitched in pounds of hops till their arms hurt. Then they jettisoned the brew kettle and headed for the dark side of the moon. There, they pitched billions and billions of yeast cells and life began. After much dry hopping, it’s time to catch a ride on the hop comet’s tail. The hop aroma has notes of tropical fruit, and the body is light and sharp. At 8.8% ABV and 80 IBUs, this BIG IPA is at the top of the alcohol range for this style. Now boldly go where Joe Yoder goes!